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“Perception believed is reality achieved.”
~ Andy August ~ 


One Minute of Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words


2iiS Marketiing Inc have an experienced team providing 3D Visualization Services, Video Rendering and Augmented Reality Apps to Realtors, Architects, Contractors and Designers as they appreciate the “added value” 3D architectural walk-throughs can make to the sales success of a Real Estate project or Development. Even home owners undertaking remodelling or Custom home construction today are seeking 3D visualization services, because with the rise in property values a 3D rendering of their home building or renovation project can be an invaluable and affordable tool in determining if they are on the right track for themselves, their families and for their investment – especially considering they probably don’t have experience interpreting blueprints and plans nor picturing the importance of the choices they have to make.

  • “Best $2500 we spent in our home building process so far. Every home builder must do it. Period. We have saved thousands of dollars in costly mistakes and last-minute changes of mind with our Custom home build and being able to try different options virtually helped my wife choose what she liked very easily. Thank you!”
  • “Five years ago, we made the switch to build healthier, tighter, more energy efficient homes to achieve “Net Zero” energy performances. Slowly, my top competitors have started to creep into my niche so to stay ahead I started pushing our 3D project emulation to help clients visualize the value of what we do. DING! DING! DING! Practically overnight our Custom home construction projects tripled.”
  • “My heart goes out to the homeowner, who is spending their life’s savings on something that they can’t visualize, just to have regrets later. 3D Architectural Renderings are an important part of them getting the investment right and for us their Architects to be certain we are on the same page before the project starts.”

Our new 3D emulation services specialize in turning two-dimensional home plans, drawings, floorplans, or blueprints into detailed three-dimensional renderings of near-photographic quality, helping clients visualize how a new home or room will look before embarking on expensive building, remodeling, or redecorating projects or buying an off-plan property. Different layouts, surfaces, furniture, landscaping, accents or finish materials can be “seen” and compared to determine what works best for the project or to allow clients to customize and push the design envelope without the risk of not enjoying the finished result.


Depending on needs and budget, we can provide any combination of the following 3D Architectural Rendering Services:

• Interior views

• Exterior views

• Multiple views of rooms (to compare kitchen or bathroom variations, or to visualize an entire house with or without furnishings)

• Landscaping, decks, pool areas and summer kitchens

• Day and night views to try different lighting options including style and color

• Dollhouse-style project views, perfect for determining furniture placement and traffic patterns


Renderings can be customized to include client’s own art, fabrics, furnishings, and external site views. We’ll be happy to produce a set of images that delivers precisely what you need.

When quoting for affordable 3D Architectural rendering we are experienced in balancing budget with quality, getting the most important elements right to deliver 3D video or drawings you can use to enhance the project without breaking the bank - Take a look at some examples of our high-quality 3D rendering services:


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Architects, Designers and Developers, our high-quality 3D renderings take your Professionalism to new heights, elevating your design presentations to a new level and helping you make sales happen. Is there anything better than selling out on a development before you even break ground? Imagine what a difference that makes to Development Funding and a Project’s Progress and success…


Whether it’s a presentation to a potential client or renderings of floorplans for websites or brochures, taking the extra step of “staging” and creating high-quality renderings is essential to promote your professionalism and enhance sales success. Perception is everything.


Our profession is making You look good — it’s what we live for!


We can work from PDFs of CAD or hand-drawn plans and from plans created in Chief Architect or Sketchup. We can add custom landscaping, furnishings, accessories and finishes to your specifications and variable lighting can be added to highlight plan details and show your designs to best advantage. Your ideas can then be transformed into near-photographic presentation-quality renderings that will have potential customers’ jaws dropping and make them want to move right in!


For Realtors and Developers, the showing of potential buyers a 3d floorplan of a home they’re interested in can really help them envision themselves and their belongings in the space.


Realtors - Vacant property?


We can help sell it fast with “virtual staging” — adding furnishings and decor to photographs or 3d models of empty homes helps them look much more inviting to potential buyers – especially where those buyers may be from different ethnic and cultural backgrounds and may appreciate a different aesthetic, colour scheme or decor. Virtual home staging and remodeling are also useful tools for real estate investors seeking financing. Don’t just tell lenders about the increased value your efforts will add to the property — SHOW THEM!!


Augmented Reality Applications


To put it as simply as possible, Augmented Reality (or AR) is when a 3D model of something is projected or overlaid on the physical world. In other words, you can see a high-quality and user-friendly miniature model of any 3D model (real estate property, furniture, external areas) resting on your desk, almost like a holograph.


With augmented reality applications, we can add animations or use it in a way to tell stories and give detailed information about your project. So not only can you visualize the project from a “god’s eye” point of view, but you can also create a more intricate presentation for potential investors and really engage your real estate clients or allow for the swapping out of different elements and designs in real time. It’s not just an image or a blueprint any more, it’s a fully realized project in Augmented Reality!



We Provide solutions for mobile phones, tablets and Microsoft HoloLens. We’re also working on solutions for augmented reality glasses Magic Leap and Meta2.


There are many reasons to get your 3D Architectural Visualization Services and Augmented Reality Applications from 2iiS Marketiing Inc.  Contact us today and let’s discuss how we can help Turn Aspirations into Virtual Reality!


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