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2iiS Marketiing is the fruit of years of professional marketing experience, combining to produce a blend of subtle character, helping to bring the sweet taste of success to the brands and businesses they promote. Involved with marketing all her working life – Karen our Creative Director designed her first professional website in 1998 - (Or to put it her way "Oh my goodness that's over 16 years ago!") - Other members of the Team at 2iiS combine sharp marketing and sales abilities - put to good use in both website design and SEO services since 1999. They are bilingual French/ English, and well versed in colour psychology and the power of subliminal messaging in online marketing. Imagine for a moment the many benefits of working with the team at 2iiS Marketiing; from the personalized service – to the comprehensive approach – And all for an affordable inclusive price that gets online results...

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Because we have « been there, » our help and advice is down to earth, effective and affordable – with a concerted approach to giving Value For Money and Return On Investment second to none in the Vancouver and Lower Mainland areas when it comes to SEO services or Website design. We see many agencies just “doing as the client asks” and cashing the cheque without any conscience – and we firmly believe that we can and do offer far more. Our “Thinking out of the Box” analysis of SEO keywords often brings faster and better results than a traditional approach – for example, did you know that “insolation” gets almost as many hits as “insulation?” (Basically because so many folks can’t spell!!) This was a legitimate SEO “loophole” we were able to exploit for a client in the rigid insulation manufacturing sector.


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We look approachable don’t we? Notice that we don’t have a salesperson, let alone a sales-team – and realize that getting in touch will not lead to an endless stream of marketing emails and special deals to drag you through our door kicking and screaming! Hit that contact button then and let’s have a chat – see what you need and how we can help, at your pace and budget – large international project or small local website, we aren’t easily fazed and have demonstrable competence in SEO, Website design, Branding and general marketing.



Analogue at birth, digital by design, often wishes that people had a brightness setting, Peter is our resident pedantic Project Manager, or as he puts it "Remember Parkinsons law people!"



Coding whizkid, beard wearing aficionado, fueled by coffee and avocado toast with the occasional banana, we don't always understand what he does, but if it works, he did it...



Design and Branding Expert who makes everything look polished, she listens then makes magic, with over 30 years experience in the Marketing industry, having started very, very young...

CoCo Chanel


Company Mascot, bribable with crunchy vegetables, snarls like Elvis, sheds disproportionately to her diminutive size, doesn't know she's small, gives desk staff a reason to go for a walk...

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2iiS Marketiing is a 3dcart Certified Partner! Ask us how we can help with your E-Commerce Site Today!

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